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Win United are well known for supplying high quality firefighting hoses that conform with expert fire industry guidelines. We have been working closely in association with many metropolitan, regional and rural fire brigades – supplying them with the correct fire hose for their specific challenges. We are able to offer a total firefighting hose solution. We can supply and ship the fire hose that best suits your condition and circumstances. We can also provide the proper clamps, couplings and hose fittings to match your needs.

Sabre is a premium percolating fire hose. This is a LayFlat percolating fire hose which allows precision engineered seepage of water under pressure through the hose fabric jacket.

This percolating feature forms a water barrier on the hose jacket which protects the hose against the effect of heat and glowing embers.

Professional fire brigades need the highest performing LayFlat fire hose possible, that's why Centurion has been developed. Centurion has been approved for use by the NSW Fire Brigade and the CFA, as well as the ADF (Australian Defence Force).

For extreme firefighting conditions, a high pressure (Class H) fire hose is absolutely essential. With Centurion hose fighting on your side, you have total peace of mind.

In environments where chemical or toxic spills may complicate firefighting efforts, Cavalier Hose has a protective polyurethane cover on the jacket. It is a popular choice for industrial and firefighting purposes.

Apart from being an outstanding fire hose, the Cavalier is a versatile hose that is also suitable for many high and low pressure liquid transfer jobs.