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Hose Fittings
Camlocks, Claw Fittings
Bauers, Storz
Strainers, Foot Valves

We import and stock a complete range of fittings to suit every application: • Camlocks • Mil Spec Camlocks • Bauer Fittings • Travis Fittings • Claw Fittings • Ground Joints • Victaulic Fittings • Storz Fittings • Strainers • Foot Valves

Locking camlocks are a must in chemical, steam and high pressure applications to ensure fittings are not accidentally released of dis-connected. This patented design is vital to provide complete work place safety.

These new fittings are available in stainless steel, brass and aluminium in a complete range of sizes from 19mm to 150mm.

Chemical, Fuel and High Pressure hoses are costly and important items in many business handling these products.

The new range of hose protection beads which can easily be installed on the outside of the hose provide wear protection to the outer over while also making larger/longer hoses which can become heavy, easier to drag or pull from use to use.

As specialists in the dewatering industry, we stock a complete range of 10" and 12" Flanged and Bauer Fittings to suit all needs in the mining, hire and construction industries.

These are available with hose tails and flanged connections to suit your every need. With our workshop we can also build and fit your hose assemblies and have them delivered direct to your site saving you time and money.