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Whip Checks - Hose to Tool
Whip Checks - Hose to Hose
Safety Hose Stockings

Win United specialises in complete hose solutions. Manufacturing hose assemblies for immediate use saves you downtime and labour and ensures all safety requirements are met.
Hose assemblies can also be pressure tested and continuity tested providing peace of mind in higher pressure applications.

Hose Restraints are a vital requirement for all high pressure hose application in assistance in the reduction of the chance of hoses whipping when a fitting or clamps fails. Available in Galvanised and Stainless Steel they are suitable for all applications.

Hose restraints can also be used on piling rigs in assistance for lifting hoses. We can also provide rated D and Bow Shackles to suit.

We supply PE and PVC pipe and a full range of fittings for stormwater collection, diversion and distribution. This is typically used in road building and on large sites. We also carry Flexipipe specifically for stormwater applications.

Hose whipping causes damage and possible bodily harm. Hose restraints offer extra operator safety when using hoses under high pressure applications.

These wire strands have a spring loaded loop at each end which is placed over the ends of the two joining hoses.

These assist in the retention of the hose if it fails at the connection point, reducing the possibility of hose whipping.