Win United welcomes 2016 with a bang!!!

Big orders started flowing in on day one of 2016 at Win United.

A major mine site in QLD chose Win United for its latest supply of 10” 1600 Kpa hand built rubber suction/delivery hose. The decision came down to the supplier who could meet the tight time-line and high standards required. Australian made, hand built rubber hos
e offers the best high pressure capabilities and ability to withstand on-site rigorous conditions. Common applications include;

  • Mining abrasive slurry transfer
  • Dredging operations
  • Pumping and irrigation
  • Stacker reclaimer reeling hose
  • Mineral processing
  • Road sweeper hose
  • Offshore exploration transfer hose
  • Dock hose to BS 1435
  • Grain transfer
  • Concrete pumping and pump squeeze tubes
  • Acid and chemical transfer

Contact our sales team on 1800 250 258 today for more information.