Hose Restraints eliminate Whiplash Dangers

When a pressurised air or water line bursts, or a hose coupling inadvertently releases, a whiplash results in a thrashing hose becoming a dangerous projectile. If air tools or bulky fittings are attached the dangers increase dramatically. There are a number of documented cases of severe injuries and deaths caused by high velocity, thrashing hoses striking people.

Whiplash occurs when:

  • the pressure exceeds the hose rating, or
  • a hose is suddenly severed, or
  • a hose coupling inadvertently releases while the hose is still under pressure

A hose connected to the main line is still under pressure and will violently whip until the pressure reduces. A violently thrashing hose becomes a projectile and is extremely dangerous and can strike people or equipment with considerable force, causing injury or death, or resulting in damage to plant and causing production downtime.

External Hose Restraints

The single ended external hose restraint prevents personal injury caused by hose whiplash and can be fitted on site. The stainless steel or galvanized wire mesh sheath is secured over both ends of the hose and secured to an anchor point. In the event of a hose connection failure uncontrolled movement or whiplash is prevented. Hose restraints can also be used on piling rigs in assistance for lifting hoses. We can also provide load rated D and Bow Shackles to suit.

Internal Hose Restraints

Another option for extreme pressure and added safety is an extra Internal Restraint. A tested wire rope is inserted down the center of the hose and each end is welded to the fitting. The hose is then pressure tested to ensure it meets required Standards.

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