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High Pressure Injections Kit

A High Pressure Injection injury is one of the most sinister and dangerous injuries a person can sustain. Regular discussions on prevention and management of these injuries are critical.

A High Pressure Injection injury is one of the most sinister and dangerous injuries a person can sustain. With the high pressure fluids commonly used in the mining industry, our workers need to be aware of the risks of working around high pressure fluids, and what steps to take in the event of a suspected injection.

High Pressure Injection Injuries

A high pressure injection injury is caused by a fluid being injected into and under a person’s skin at high pressure. The high pressure fluid could result from a leaking hydraulic hose or fitting, a split in an air pipe, a grease gun, or any other place where the high pressure fluids commonly used in the mining industry can escape into the atmosphere. High pressure injections can be caused by the following types of fluid under high pressure:

• Hydraulic Oil

• Grease

• Compressed Air

• Water

• Paint Thinner or PaintHand

Injuries typically only result from pressure well in excess of 1500psi (10.3bar). Pressures below 1000psi (6.9bar) are unlikely to be energetic enough to cause an injection unless the skin has previously been broken.

An injection normally occurs when the body part (usually the hands) are very close to, or resting on, the hose or vessel containing the fluid. One of the most common ways to receive an injection is a

person feeling along a hydraulic hose to look for a leak.

Once fluid is spraying into the air, it quickly loses its pressure, and hence injection injuries are much less likely when further away from the hose or pipe which is leaking. For this reason maintenance personnel are most at risk.





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