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Heavy Duty Polyethylene
Pressurised Sewer Lines
Steel Pressure Pipe
Strong, corrosion resistant
Hygienic Stainless Steel

Win United supply a diverse range of pipe requirements from low pressure rural poly pipe to high pressure steel steam pipe. We can deliver complete packages anywhere across nation, call us today to arrange for an obligation free quote or to discuss your requirements will a specialist.

Win United supply PE pipe and a full range of fittings for mining extraction, resource and raw material transport on and off site and for site works.
Water Supply
We provide a full range of pipe and fittings for hot and cold water for household and commercial applications, including major infrastructure. This includes potable water and recycled water requirements.

We supply PE and PVC pipe and a full range of fittings for stormwater collection, diversion and distribution. This is typically used in road building and on large sites. We also carry Flexipipe specifically for stormwater applications.

Hydraulic and Condenser TubeHeat Exchange and Condenser tube
ASTM A179M 'Standard Specification for Seamless Cold-Drawn Low-Carbon Steel Heat-Exchanger and Condenser Tubes' covers minimum wall thickness tube for heat transfer applications in sizes 3.18mm to 76.2mm OD.
Hydraulic and Pneumatic tube
The specification for heat exchanger tube is also used to specify seamless carbon steel tube intended for hydraulic applications. This hydraulic tubing is manufactured with average wall thickness specified; in all other respects the product conforms to the requirements of ASTM A179M and ASTM A450M.