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In the building services industry drainage submersible pumps are commonly used for storm water transfer in car parks and basements, sewage cutter & grinder pumps are used in sewerage pumping stations to transfer sewage to the mains, and solids handling vortex pumps to transfer trade waste to grease traps etc. Win United specializes in supplying a submersible pump system either in the form of a packaged pump station, or a kit for the installer to fit. Contact us today with your specification.

Air operated Diaphragm Pumps (also known as pneumatic diaphragm pumps, AODD pumps, AOD pumps) are used for endless applications in mining, industrial and general plant service. Air operated diaphragm pumps are especially used where electricity isn't available, or in explosive or flammable areas. They are also used for chemical transfer, de-watering underground coal mines, food manufacturing or where the liquid being pumped has a high solids content or high viscosity.

Submersible PumpsSubmersible Pumps (also known as stormwater pumps, drainage pumps, dewatering pumps, sewage pumps, septic pumps) are widely used across building services, commercial, domestic, municipal, rural, industrial, and rainwater re-use applications. They are suitable for moving subsoil water, stormwater, sewage, grey water, black water, trade waste, rainwater, bore water, chemicals and food stuffs, by working with different designs for multiple applications, which include closed impellers, vortex impellers, contra-block impellers, single channel impellers, multi-stage, cutter, or grinder pumps.

Multistage PumpsMultistage Pumps refer to the different stages of pumping in the process of forcing liquid, typically water, through its components. Multistage pumps are common across applications where liquids need to be transported with high pressure, achieving this with the use of multiple impellers or stages in the body of the pump.

As the flow progresses through multiple stages, pressure is built within the pump that enables it to move contents a longer distance. These pumps are commonly used in pressure boosting systems where circumstances demand constant pressure and flow such as in high density living, industrial applications requiring substantial wash down facilities, boiler feed systems, jacking pumps for fire hydrant systems, fire hose reel supply and irrigation systems. Javelin offers a complete range of high quality vertical, horizontal and submersible borehole multistage pumps from single pumps to complete pressure systems and stock all sizes of pumps. These pumps can be driven by a number of motor options from solar powered electric motor to diesel and petrol motor options.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic tube
The specification for heat exchanger tube is also used to specify seamless carbon steel tube intended for hydraulic applications. This hydraulic tubing is manufactured with average wall thickness specified; in all other respects the product conforms to the requirements of ASTM A179M and ASTM A450M.