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Safety Specifications
Safety Standards
Compliance and Tagging
Safety Consultancy

All hoses and manufactured pipe and fittings can be tested to a specified working pressure. You will then be provided with certification for this and these items will be tagged with the relevant information. This will also ensure that the hoses are used for the right applications and pressures.
Hose Restraints are a vital requirement for all high pressure hose application in assistance in the reduction of the chance of hoses whipping when a fitting or clamps fails. These can be fitted to most hoses and can be supplied with D-Shackles and Anchor Points.
While our main scope of work is based on manufacture and supply we also offer a consultancy service to ensure our customers are provided with the correct solution for their requirements. If you have difficult applications and require assistance call 1800 250 258 and one of our engineers will be more than happy to visit and offer advice and solutions for your exact requirements.